You Trade and Keep the Profits

Follow the trades we send you and start locking in quick profits. Compound your gains by reinvesting your profits in the next trade and start making serious returns! You get all this free for the first month, then for one flat monthly fee.

Oracle will provide stock and ETF trades, which usually last 3-9 days, usually the night before the trade or before the market opens. There will also be real time trades sent out while the market is open where appropriate, via email, but the goal is to give out the trades before the market opens to avoid delays.

We pick symbols that according to our technical assessment are about to reverse a trends or about to break out to the upside, as well as sell recommendations when it is time to exit the trades.

Our primary goal is to earn 5-10% or more per trade, to exit quickly when the trade fails to perform as it should, to take profits when appropriate, and to hold on for maximum gains when the trade performs better than expected. Obviously, no return can ever be guaranteed. Our secondary goal is to increase the value of our overall portfolio by an average of at least 4% per month on average while keeping any losses to less than 2% per month. In most cases, we have succeeded in doing that, but it obviously cannot be guaranteed.  Many of our picks will continue higher, in some cases much higher, after we have sold our position and moved on. We obviously cannot avoid such developments or guarantee that we are selling at or near the top of any particular move.

The Oracle’s Stock and ETF picks are based on his interpretation of Rodin algorithmic strategic software of approximately 90 ETFs (exchange traded funds) and 300 stocks that are back-tested for at least ten years (or as long as the symbol has been listed) and found to perform reliably using our algorithm. We have not tested every stock on Rodin, and we are always looking for stocks and ETFs that perform well (a profit margin of at least 1.5 to 1 is required for inclusion in stocks we will add to our radar screen).