We Find Trades For You

Each week, the Oracle specifies 4 to 10 trades, with a range of entry prices and stops.

We trade most, if not all, of these trades ourselves.

We send out send out buy and sell signals whenever they occur during the week.

The program algorithm that generates the signals has been back-tested on each of the symbols for up to 15 years (or since the stock went public if that is less than 15 years ago). We will only follow stocks or commodities in cases where the signals generated by the program have a profit/loss performance rating of at least 1.4 over the entire 15 year period on the short term charts, and a profit/loss performance rating of at least 1.8 on the longer term charts, except in rare cases. We will also provide stop loss price levels for every signal we note, and those will be updated as the instrument moves.