We called this selloff on September 3!

Our proprietary software, Rodin, gave us sell signals on Thursday, September 3, and we alerted our subscribers. How much would you have saved if you had received that alert? The most important rule to making money as a trader or investor is figuring out how not to lose money. It seems obvious, but it’s not. I have spent years building the algorithm that gave me sell signals early Thursday morning and led me to contact my subscribers. Here’s how it looked on my screen:

We had our preliminary sell signal on Wednesday, Sept 2 (the red dot). The engulfing red candle on Sept 3 was an obvious confirmation. The red dot in the top sub-graph confirms the up-trend is over. The convergence of the green and red DMI lines in the bottom sub-graph confirm the market is about to drop further as the lines are on a collision course.

Here’s the message we sent to subscribers:

This appears to be a serious selloff but still not enough to reverse the overall direction of the market, unless there is follow-through to the downside. Tomorrow and Tuesday will tell the tale. Nevertheless, given the extreme bubble the market has been in recently, the upside is very limited at this point, and it makes sense to reduce positions in overpriced stocks such as Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, etc.

Benjamin Blakeman

That’s not all. We called the downturn in the market earlier this year, on February 29, before it really got going. We called every major turn in this market since September 2016. How much is that information worth?  Can you afford to be without this kind of information? It could save your financial life.

The deal is simple. We tell you what stocks or ETFs are about to go up. We tell you when they are about to sell off. You make money and avoid major losses. Try it for free!


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