Proprietary Third Generation Software

We believe the RODIN strategy and indicators are the most reliable system available to forecast market short term trends and reversals ever made available to the public. Using a combination of indicators and an algorithm painstakingly put together over more than five years, along with the methodology of analysis that can only be developed from the experience of hundreds of thousands of trades, the Oracle calls out the trades before the news breaks, and before the stocks explode!

The algorithmic generated signals are the next best thing to inside information, but they are 100% legal and based on public trade data. The accuracy of our buy and sell signals will blow your mind.

These are just a few of the hundreds of profitable past results using our software:

Nvidia (NVDA) Buy 2/5/20 $251.99; Sell 2/20/20 $308.70 (APR 592%)

Buy 3/20/20 $219.00; Close 3/30/20 $265.59 (APR 776%)

Amazon (AMZN) Buy 1/30/20 $1870.00; Sell $2134.87 2/14/20 (APR 344%) S

OXL (Semiconductor ETF) Buy 63.23; Close 3/30/20 $101.28 (APR 1996%)

SPY (S&P 500 tracking stock) Buy 3/25/20 $244.85; 4/17/20 $286 (APR 273%)

ROKU Buy 3/18/20 $64.79, 4/16/20 close $125.20 (APR 1273%)

And sell signals that would have saved you a ton of losses:

XLE (energy ETF) Sell 2/19/20 $54.49, price on 3/23/20 $23.57 avoided a decline of 56%!

Google (GOOG) Buy 1/3/20 $1347.86, Sell ½ 1/16/20 at 1447, ½ 1/24/20 at 1468 (APR 175%)

ETSY (ETSY) Buy 3/25/20 $38.87, Sell 4/21 $65.43 (APR 923%)

Inovio Pharma (INO) Buy 4/20 $8.14, price on 4/28 12.60 (APR 2499%), bought again 6/10 @ 13.10, sold 6/30 @ 27.04! (APR 1942%)

Moderna (MRNA) Buy Jul 8 @ $60.79, Sold Jul 23 @ $82.05 (APR 851%)

These are real, documented trade signals generated by Rodin, not fantasies. This is what they look like:

And many more like these. Our back-tested strategy has returned and average profit ratio (dollars returned per dollar invested) between 1.5 and 3 for every stock and ETF we follow for the past ten years or as long as the company has been public.

We will upon request send Tradestation’s official performance report showing every buy and sell listed in the newsletter, the profit amounts and percentages, and the performance chart upon request for any stock or ETF we follow. These reports are based on Oracle on Wilshire’s proprietary algorithmic strategy as it would have performed for the past ten years (excluding commissions and slippage).