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We’re so sure you’ll like the Oracle on Wilshire, we are giving you a one month free trial. This way you can decide for yourself that this works for you. Then, it is a low monthly fee of $39.99.  Join today and get everything you need to speed up your trading — and your profits.

Contents of newsletters

The newsletter, Market Notes, comes out once a week, includes sometimes witty and always irreverent commentary on the markets and the economy in general, along with technical analysis of the most relevant charts (usually S&P 500 or NASDAQ), sometimes other charts of interest, stocks and ETFs and a few commodities (including Gold, Treasury Bonds, and Crude Oil), stocks and ETFs giving intermediate term (off the weekly charts) buy or sell signals, as well as all stocks held in Oracle’s portfolios, a summary of the week’s trading activity, and other information.

Short Term Trades Service

This is a real-time informational service that will advise you of the stocks and ETFs we are buying, based on our interpretation of signals generated by our proprietary algorithmic software, Rodin. Rodin was first conceived in 2014, and the first version was designed in 2015. The version now in use is designed to tell us when stocks or funds are on the verge of going significantly higher, either because they are oversold or because they are about to break out. Rodin has been refined dozens of times over the past five years and we believe it is the single, most accurate algorithmic software we have seen whose signals are being made available to retail investors. It generates buy and sell signals earlier and with greater accuracy than any other service we have seen. We are not offering subscriptions to the program itself, nor are we selling the program. No one else has access to the software or the short-term signals it generates other than our subscribers.

It is important that you understand what this service is not. It is not an investment advisory service, and we are not investment advisors or stockbrokers. We are not pump and dump scam artists. The stocks and ETFs we tell you about are trades we are making for our own account.

When Rodin generates buy signals, we evaluate those signals and buy either a whole position or a partial position, usually one-half or one-third of a full position. When we get a sell signal, we evaluate the signal and either exit the position, sometimes in stages, or place a protective trade to minimize loss. Once we have exited the position, we look for another buying opportunity. In our own trading, we use options to protect positions or to hedge positions as well. We will describe on the website how the use of options can reduce your risk in any given trade, but the actual trade signals will not include option recommendations. If you want our option recommendations for trades, you will need to send an individual email for those.

Our trades will be listed as buy, sell, hold, stop limit, or liquidate a specified portion of the position. Prices will also be specified, but there is no guarantee you will be able to achieve the recommended price on your own trade.

We will also update all positions on a daily basis with analysis of the market action either in the evening or before the market opens (whenever possible) the next morning. On busy days when we are planning a lot of trades, our trade action reports will be delayed, but you will get them as soon as possible.

Oracle will provide stock and ETF trades, which usually last 3-9 days, usually the night before the trade or before the market opens. There will also be real time trades sent out while the market is open where appropriate, via email, but the goal is to give out the trades before the market opens to avoid delays.