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How many times have you heard your financial advisor or favorite analyst say: “No one can time the market?” “Buy and hold is the only safe strategy.” And how many times have you heard the same financial advisor or analyst blame “the algorithms” after a particularly bad day in the stock market?

Well, which is it? If large investors are privy to trading algorithms that get them out of the market before they go down, before the public at large and back in the market before stocks start to go up again, then timing the market must work for some people. Just not you, right? Who’s kidding who with this nonsense?

Or maybe you’ve signed up for a service that promises to tell you when to get out of the market before a decline, but by the time they warn you to get out, the market has already dropped significantly.

Let’s look at Investor’s Business Daily’s trend advisory system, not bad, it gets you out before the worst of the February/March 2020 selloff:

So, according to this, you would start selling on 2/21, sell 25% that day, 25% 2/24, 25% 2/25, and the rest on 2/26. Let’s see how that works out:

On 2/21, you lose about 1.2%. On 2/24, you lose about 3.35% of what’s left, on 2/25, you you lose 3.0% of what’s left, and on 2/26, you lose a bit more. So, altogether, you lost somewhere between 5% and 10%, depending what you own, which is pretty good, right?

Now, let’s see Rodin’s signals:

On February 5, there was a buy signal at 332.27; on Feb 20, there was a sell signal at 335.32 (1% gain). We are out until March 5, when we see a buy signal which would execute at 304.98. Notice we are stopped out the following day at the opening price of 293.15 (3.9% loss). We do not get another buy signal until 3/24, and that buy signal executes the following day at 244.85. This is held until 4/21 and sold at 276.73 (13% gain). There was another buy signal on 5/18 at 293 (not shown) ½ of which was sold on 6/10 at 321, and the other half the next day at 311 (7.8% average gain). So the total gain from February 5 is 1+ (-3.9) +13+7.8=17.9%. During the same period, the SPY went from 332.27 to 311.46, or a loss of 6.2%. Now that’s beating the market!

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If you are one of the millions of investors that has been frustrated by not getting out before major declines in the stock market, not getting in when prices are too cheap to believe, out of fear the market will go lower, selling too soon, buying too soon, buying too late, this strategy is for you!!!

Right now, the legendary Oracle on Wilshire is offering to retail investors for the first time, the opportunity to participate in stock market gains based on the RODIN proprietary algorithm that has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 by 8 to 10% per annum since September 2016 when we first went live. The first 100 subscribers will receive buy and sell recommendations in real time, many of them the night before, for execution the following day, for the ridiculously low price of $39.99 per month! After that, the price will go up. All you need is an account. The RODIN strategy stock and ETF picks are back tested using Oracle’s exclusive proprietary algorithm for up to 15 years. It doesn’t work with every stock or fund, but we follow most of the important stocks, all of the index funds, and many of the important Exchange Traded Funds.

Performance reports are available upon request. Subscribers can also request us to run your own favorite stocks, funds, commodities, exchange-traded notes, master llps – anything that’s listed!

Oracle on Wilshire has called out every major turn

in the stock market since September 2016, BEFORE THE FACT, in the weekly technical analysis newsletter and special messages (archived copies available).

We believe our proprietary third generation software, RODIN, is the most reliable indicator available to forecast market trends and reversals ever made available to the general public. The algorithmically generated signals are the next best thing to inside information, but they are 100% legal and based on public trade data. If you don’t agree, it will cost you nothing!

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These are just a few of the hundreds of profitable past results using our software (the charts will show the actual buy or sell signal, and they are available for viewing via a link we will send you if you simply send us an email requesting it via email to

Nvidia (NVDA) Buy 2/5/20 $251.99; Sell 2/20/20 $308.70 (APR* 592%)

Buy 3/20/20 $219.00; Close 3/30/20 $265.59 (APR 776%)

Amazon (AMZN) Buy 1/30/20 $1870.00; Sell $2134.87 2/14/20 (APR 344%)

SOXL (Semiconductor ETF) Buy 63.23; Close 3/30/20 $101.28 (APR 1996%)

SPY (S&P 500 tracking stock) But 3/25/20 $244.85; 4/17/20 $286 (APR 273%)

ROKU Buy 3/18/20 $64.79, 4/16/20 close $125.20 (APR 1273%)

Sell signals that would have saved you a ton of losses:

XLE (energy ETF) Sell 2/19/20 $54.49, price on 3/23/20 $23.57 avoided a decline of 56%!

Google (GOOG) Buy 1/3/20 $1347.86, Sell ½ 1/16/20 at 1447, ½ 1/24/20 at 1468 (APR

ETSY (ETSY) Buy 3/25/20 $38.87, Sell 4/21 $65.43 (APR 923%)

Inovio Pharma (INO) Buy 4/20 $8.14, price on 4/28 12.60 (APR 2499%), bought again 6/10 @ 13.10, sold 6/30 @ 27.04! (APR 1942%)

Moderna (MRNA) Buy Jul 8 @ $60.79, Sold Jul 23 @ $82.05 (APR 851%)

These are real, documented trades, not fantasies.

And many more like these. Our back-tested strategy has returned and average profit ratio (dollars returned per dollar invested) between 1.5 and 3 for every stock and ETF we follow for the past ten years or as long as the company has been public.

We will upon request send Tradestation’s official performance report showing every buy and sell, the profit amounts and percentages, and the performance chart upon request for any stock or ETF we follow. These reports are based on Oracle on Wilshire’s proprietary algorithmic strategy RODIN as it would have performed for the past ten years (excluding commissions and slippage).

What You Get

As a subscriber, you receive our market summary, including buy and sell signals for the next trading day no later than 8 pm Pacific Time for each day the market is open, in addition to position adjustments and new trades during the trading day. It’s as simple as that. For those interested in options, we’ll show you how to emulate the position with a max 20% downside risk (but don’t do this unless you’re an experienced option trader). Our average trade is 3-10 days, and our signals have generated profits between 56 and 62% of the time on average, and our profit percentages are at least 1.4:1 for every stock or fund we will release, except as otherwise indicated. Some are as high as 5:1 or better.

Our average profit as a percentage of the maximum drawdown is at least 500% for most of the stocks and ETFs we follow, and some are as high as 1900%. What that means for you is, if you follow our buy and sell recommendations, you will (except on rare occasions) be out before any serious loss is sustained, and you will be buying back in only when it’s reasonably safe to do so.

We follow approximately 200 stocks and 100 ETF’s every day.

We are so confident of the accuracy of our stock and ETF picks, we will make the following offer:


In addition, for no charge, you will receive Oracle on Wilshire’s weekly commentary on the markets. We have called every major turn in the stock market either in advance or at the beginning of the move since July 2016! Not just some, but ALL of the reversals, including the 35%+ selloff that started the last week of February 2020.

What is all this going to set you back?

The remarkably inexpensive price of $39.99 per month!

How much money do you need in your securities account to get started? We recommend you start with at least $25,000.

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* APR = Annual Percentage Rate